Sits and Tricks Training provides training that is focused on games! Through fun, no pressure games and exercises, we interact with the dog in a positive, rewarding, beneficial way. We teach the dog concepts that can be applied to all areas of life, resulting in real life results. The games allow for a more fun and enriching environment. By engaging with our dogs in games and play, we enhance our training, build confidence, and solidify our relationship, all while simultaneously achieving our desired outcomes.

This type of training focuses on innovation and problem-solving by identifying the core concepts lacking in a dog’s learning that are contributing to a struggle and boosting them through games. The creativity in this type of training flips the problem-based approach on its head and helps to create a solution-based approach instead! Concepts are an invaluable part of dog training.

Teaching various concepts can literally transform your dog into the dog you want them to be. You may ask yourself, What is a concept? By that, we mean Confidence, Optimism, Calmness, Focus, Impulse Control, Tolerance of Frustration, Susceptibility to Reward, Grit and many more!