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GROUP COURSE- Small group training classes. Held weekly at various locations throughout Lancaster County. Some classes are Out and About in Lancaster, PA. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are held in Columbia, PA and both are held every week aside from holidays and extreme weather. Length of other hosted courses are typically either 4, 6, or 8 weeks-as advertised for that specific course.

PRIVATE ONE TO ONE TRAINING– designed for the individual! Flexible, open schedule. With hourly sessions, we keep it short and effective.

SEMINARS AND WORKSHOPS– Once and done programs that focus on one particular topic, struggle, game or idea. Held periodically, contact us for more information.

BARN HUNTING– Fun runs, that are not sanctioned events, hosted regularly. Perfect for those who have never tried it or experienced pups, alike. Private training also available.

FLYBALL– Learn the basics of the sport, try it for fun, Join a team and even attend tournaments! Private and Team training available.

AGILITY– Try it for fun! Non-competition classes, workshops, and events to introduce all the equipment and encouraged participation in the sport!

DOCK DIVING– Introduction to the sport and resources available to become fully involved.

LURE COURSING– Introduction to the sport and resources available to become fully involved.

ASSISTANCE DOGS– Assistance animal’s whether an Emotional Support, Service, Therapy, or Companion animal are all important and all have their place. But do you know the difference? Let’s get Learning!