A native, born and raised in Southern Lancaster County I have over 20 years experience working with animals and as a trainer. While attending Solanco High School, I worked at the local humane league, as well as, locally homed, but nationally recognized Sight & Sound Theaters.  Upon graduating, I attended Delaware Valley University, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Behavior Training & Enrichment/Biotechnology & Conservation.  In 2007, as a sophomore in college, my life changed. I adopted Remington, a champion bloodline purebred field trial black Labrador retriever and my spark ignited. For several years I worked in various animal-related fields including training, daycare, pet resort and boarding facilities, as well as veterinary hospitals. In 2011 I began training as a private Instructor, developing Sits and Tricks Training in order to provide various services to the residents of Lancaster County.

Sits and Tricks offers both private one to one training and group classes, as well as various sports workshops for barn hunting, flyball, and agility. I am a Certified Pro Dog Trainer through the various phenomenal Absolute Dogs programs including ProDogTrainer, Geek and the newly released Genius Course. AbsoluteDogs is led by two of the most influential and inspirational dog mentors, Tom Mitchell and Lauren Langman. Both of which are world-renowned Dog trainers; Tom, a behaviorist and veterinarian, and Lauren is a top sports competitor and owner of one of the largest dog training facilities in the United Kingdom. I have earned my Certification in Pet Emergency CPR and First Aid, as well as my Certification both as a Wildlife Courier and in Capture and Transport. I also have had the Rabies Pre-exposure vaccines and am able to assist in rehabilitating Rabies Vector Species, I have volunteered my time and utilize these additional qualifications at local rehabilitation organization, Raven Ridge Wildlife Center.  I have also received training in both canine and equine massage.  I am also currently working towards completing the requirements as a Do More With Your Dog Evaluator.

I’ve had the privilege of being one of three approved trainers for the Pets for Vets Lancaster County Chapter, while short lived until the chapter dismantled I still feel very passionate about the purpose and mission of Pets For Vets and will continue to support their cause in any way I can. Being an approved trainer though them is a status I hold with pride being that I am both a wife and daughter of U.S. Marine Corps Veterans.  Both of which are proud to have served their country and fully support the cause for which Pets for Vets stands for. I am honored to be able to share my passion, in the hopes of having a significant impact on the lives of United States veterans through effective, positive, transformational training in order to provide them with a lifelong companion who truly inspires them along their journey of life together.

Over the years I have owned, fostered, rehomed and trained numerous dogs, some of which are now emotional support, therapy, and service dogs. Currently, my pack consists of 16 dogs, 4 of which reside within my home in Marietta, PA, alongside myself, my husband and our two children. Today we welcome you to the Sits and Tricks Family with open paws, Today you start your incredible journey. Today is Day One…